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Surveyor Review.co.uk


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Website Brief 

SurveyorReview.co.uk is a website that focuses on reviews of Surveyors and their services as quoted from other websites such as MoneySavingExpert, ReallyMoving, etc  The website is to contain many links to other websites with NO reference to our main website and NO telephone or email references either.


Website key factors





Focus of website

The importance of choosing the right Surveyor

Every page to promote Independent Surveyors, Independent Building Surveyors, Independent Structural Surveyors, Independent Building Surveyors

No links to our main website including phone number and email

As many surveyors names as possible such as Colleys, Countrywide etc click on their name and then takes you to a page to read comments- do not use branded name only standard font

Links to other websites where there are comments on surveyors such as reallymovipg, moneysavingexperts etc





Easy to navigate


Clear and professional style


Web friendly colour palette


Site Map



Privacy policy, disclaimer and copyright - choose careful wording again no reference to our main website


Link CharteredSurveyorReview .com and .co. uk to SurveyorReview


One day a month maintenance


Key Words

independent surveyors

independent building surveyors

independent structural surveyors

independent building surveyors

surveyor review


Good tag lines

Remove Welcome! Happy with your Surveyor or not?

Do you need a good surveyor? You can’t risk a poor surveyor missing a problem. Have a look on this website to see what comments there are about your surveyor.

Trust me theme

For example Trust me I'm an Estate Agent, Trust me I'm a banker, Trust me I'm a mortgage lender

Trust us - we are the Estate Agents and the Surveyors all from the same company!

Trust us - we are the Estate Agents, the Surveyors and the Mortgage lenders!

Trust us - we are the Estate Agents, the Surveyors, the Mortgage lenders and solicitors!

- explain how all are interlinked and have each others best interest not necessarily the clients!

- add who owns who article adding others such as Countrywide, Halifax, Colley, Sequence homes etc


Ownership of Estate Agents, Surveyors and Lenders

Comfy relationships? - we believe are not healthy or ethical

ISVA - in-depth review promoting but also noting that surveyorreview is not part of ISVA


Volkswagen (VW) - car emissions scandal - incorrect emissions tests


Banks and Mortgage lenders fined :-

Lloyds PPI fines

Barclays market rigging

HSBC mortgage errors

Banks Scotland fined for Halifax mortgage errors


Estate Agents practices fined:-

Countrywide fined for fly boarding

Foxtons - hidden commission

Foxtons - has a Facebook and Twitter account dedicated to grievances against the company