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 Website Brief 

DilapsHelp is a website to market Independent Chartered Building Surveyors who specialise in Dilapidations work providing excellent guidance and advice which can save their clients time and money.  Dilaps Surveyors can provide Schedules of Condition either prior to taking on a lease, during the lease or at the end of the lease to assist with Dilapidations claims and help to minimise any claims.  Whether you are a tenant or a landlord then DilapsHelp website is an important website to view as Dilaps Surveyors can help with all types of property.

    Website key factors  

Emphasis of Unique Selling Point's USP's


We can save you money on a Dilaps claim

We are very experienced in Dilaps and have been saving our clients money for many years

Dilaps are as certain as death and taxes they will not go away and need dealing with 



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