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 Website Brief 

DefectSurveyor.co.uk is a website where you can find Independent Chartered Surveyors who are experienced and happy to help with property problems and provide Specific Defect Reports.  Whether you have a problem with a structural element of your property or are in dispute with a builder over poor workmanship then a Defect Surveyor can help and often save you money.

    Website key factors  

Emphasis of Unique Selling Point's USP's


Defect Surveyors are experts in every property issue from leaking roofs to subsidence issues

Dampness or disputes an Independent Chartered Surveyor can help you find a solution

Quick Quote on a survey to help advise you of defects, repairs and help you with budget costs ahead of maintenance



Professional, businesslike, Google-friendly and clear.


Easy to navigate


Call to Action


Example survey downloads


Internal and External Links


Web friendly colour palettes


One day a month website maintenance

Website upgrade

Original website converted from a not fully responsive site to a Wordpress fully responsive site.


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