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Cyberpsychology: An Introduction to Human-Computer Interaction

By Kent Norman



Cyberpsychology is written in more of a discussion style throughout which provides valid and interesting issues and concepts which have arisen by the widespread adoption of the computer and Internet. It focuses on past as well as present research, which is enlightening and differs from other books.


The book is separated into chapters and starts of with a detailed overview, which is followed by the main topics of each area of Cyberpsychology. The book ends with the author’s last thoughts and even provides some exercises for the reader to think about which is very unique to other books and highlights some interesting questions to think about.


Cyberpsychology is very comprehensible and when reading it feels more of a discussion, which flows well throughout the chapters. The book is well linked and provides great references to encourage and help if readers would like to find out more information on each topic.


Part 1 Fundamentals

Part 2 Systems

Part 3 Relationships

Part 4 Applications